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Damir Kedžo applied for Dora 2023

Damir Kedžo applied for Dora 2023 Image credits: Damir Kedžo Promo

Damir Kedžo is in the race to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2023. The artist submitted a song to the country’s national selection, Dora.

In 2020, Damir Kedžo won the Dora, but due to the pandemic the ESC was cancelled that year and he couldn’t represent Croatia. In the following year he didn’t return to the Croatian event because he felt he hadn’t the right song.

Now, Damir Kedžo revealed on social media that he has already submitted a song for Dora 2023. It now remains to be seen if he will be one of the semifinalists (up to 28 can be chosen).

Dora 2023 is scheduled for February 2023 in Opatija and will have two semifinals before the grand final.

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