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Court denies a temporary injunction to Melissa Mantzoukis

Court denies a temporary injunction to Melissa Mantzoukis Image source: Instagram @melissamantzoukis_official

There are new developments in the case between Melissa Mantzoukis and the broadcaster ERT regarding the selection of Greece’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2023. The court rejected to concede a temporary injuction to the artist.

According to the website EurovisionFun, the court decided, considering the lack of an insurance right related to the deadlines in question, not to grant the temporary injunction that Melissa Mantzoukis requested.

As there cannot be a temporary solution in this case, the resolution will be decided in May with the lawsuit. Thus, the way is open for the Greek participation at ESC with Victor Vernicos and for the release of his song, What They Say.

Melissa Mantzoukis contests the jury’s votes in the final stage of the selection process, and wants to be recognized as the winner.

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