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Carola defends Eden Golan from the boos and «attacks» Ireland: “A satanic ritual on stage”

Carola defends Eden Golan from the boos and «attacks» Ireland: “A satanic ritual on stage” Picture credits: © EBU / Sarah Louise Bennett

Carola was a special guest at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024 and was not pleased with what she saw from the audience. The boos directed at Eden Golan for representing Israel were clearly audible in the Malmö Arena, due to the general disagreement regarding the country’s participation because of the conflict in Gaza.

In addition to discussing her special performance in the grand final in tribute to ABBA alongside Charlotte Perrelli and Conchita Wurst, the singer made harsh criticisms of the audience for booing the Israeli participant…

Eurovision is an interesting thermometer of the world’s «politically correct party» amidst all the music intended to unite… yet the audience stands and creates a political frenzy in the middle of a live broadcast for a 20-year-old singer whose country has fulfilled all the requirements of the EBU [European Broadcasting Union] to participate. Which Russia did not. How difficult should it be then to distinguish between gossip and facts? And where did «United By Music» go [official slogan]?”.

Regarding Bambie Thug’s participation for Ireland with the song Doomsday Blue and its irreverent staging, Carola said: “Then there was Ireland’s participation… a satanic ritual on stage in front of an audience of millions and people who did not choose to have a crowd of demons screaming at them. What’s happening? Or is it just me and a few others who reacted? As if I were standing and singing that Jesus rose and blood purifies us from all sins, on repeat!! […]. Would I have get it…? Probably not. If there’s something we should preserve now, it’s to keep our hearts warm and clean, I believe”.

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