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Allocation of the first two nights of the Sanremo Festival 2023 defined

Allocation of the first two nights of the Sanremo Festival 2023 defined Image source: Twitter @SanremoRai

The¬†Sanremo Festival 2023¬†starts this Tuesday and the allocation of the 28 competitors in the two first nights was revealed ‚Äď 14 will perform in each one.

Marco Mengoni, who represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2013 and tries to return ten years later, will perform tomorrow in the inaugural show ‚Äď just like Anna Oxa, who defended Italy at ESC 1989 in a duo with Fausto Leali.

The winner of the Sanremo Festival has the right to represent Italy at ESC 2023. Amadeus and Gianni Morandi are the main hosts. In the two first nights the partial results will be defined by the press and television jury (33.3 percent), by the web jury (33.3 percent) and by the radio jury (33.3 percent).

Chiara Ferragni will be the third host. Among the several guests are¬†Mahmood and Blanco, who will sing last year’s winning song:¬†Brividi.

Allocation of the two first nights of the Sanremo Festival 2023

  • First night, February 7th
    • Anna Oxa:¬†Sali (Canto dell‚Äôanima)
    • Ariete:¬†Mare di guai
    • Colla Zio:¬†Non mi va
    • Coma_Cose:¬†L‚Äôaddio
    • Cugini di Campagna:¬†Lettera 22
    • Elodie:¬†Due
    • Gianluca Grignani:¬†Quando ti manca il fiato
    • gIANMARIA:¬†Mostro
    • Leo Gassmann:¬†Terzo cuore
    • Mara Sattei:¬†Duemilaminuti
    • Marco Mengoni:¬†Due vite
    • Mr. Rain:¬†Supereroi
    • OLLY:¬†Polvere
    • Ultimo:¬†Alba
  • Second night, February 8th
    • Articolo 31:¬†Un bel viaggio
    • Colapesce Dimartino:¬†Splash
    • Giorgia:¬†parole dette male
    • Lazza:¬†Cenere
    • LDA:¬†Se poi domani
    • Levante:¬†Vivo
    • Madame:¬†Il bene nel male
    • Mod√†:¬†Lasciami
    • Paola & Chiara:¬†Furore
    • Rosa Chemical:¬†Made In Italy
    • Sethu:¬†Cause perse
    • Shari:¬†Egoista
    • Tananai:¬†Tango
    • Will:¬†Stupido
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