Eurovision Song Contest ESC 2023

Vesna’s creative team for Eurovision 2023 announced

Vesna’s creative team for Eurovision 2023 announced Image credits: Milan Vopálenský

The team behind Vesna’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2023 has been revealed. The band will represent Czechia with the song My Sister’s Crown.

The broadcaster Česka Televize announced that Zizoe Veselá and Bára Juránková are the creative directors, while Zizoe Veselá is also the choreographer. The content for the LED screen is being created by Matyáš Vorda and Vit Bělohradský is the stage director.

Vesna are made up of five members: Patricie Fuxová (vocals, lyrics/composing), Bára Šůstková (vocals and violin), Olesya Ochepovská (keyboards), Markéta Vedralová (drummer), Tereza Čepková (bass guitar) and Tanita Yankovová (vocals).

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