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TVORCHI to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2023 with the song ‘Heart of Steel’

TVORCHI to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2023 with the song ‘Heart of Steel’ Image: UA:PBC Screen capture

TVORCHI will represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2023. The band won the Vidbir this Saturday with the song Heart of Steel. This is the first confirmed song to compete in the contest scheduled for next May.


Summary of the show

Opening the show, all competitors performed together on stage, along with Pianoboy, performing the song Chervona kalyna.

After introducing the hosts and the three judges, the contest itself began. The  first to take the stage was Moisei, while Tvorchi closed the running order.

After a break in the broadcast, the second segment began with the performance of Pianoboy with the song Trymaysya svoyikh. Then, Zlata Dziunka also took the stage to sing the song with which she represented Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) 2022 last Sunday: Nezlamna (Unbreakable).

Before the results were revealed, guest performances continued with Jamala (she sang Synu), before closing the public televoting lines. A special performance of Verka Serduchka followed, singing Ye Propozytsiya.

It was finally time to know the results. The jury awarded its maximum score of ten points to KRUTЬ. The public preferred TVORCHI, who with those ten points scored a total of 19 points and won Vidbir representing Ukraine at ESC 2023 in Liverpool.


(Click on titles to watch the performances)

1st TVORCHI: Heart Of Steel – 19 points


2nd KRUTЬ: Kolyskova – 18 points
3rd Jerry Heil: When God Shut the Door – 17 points
4thFIINKA: Dovbush – 13 points
5thDEMCHUK: Alive – 11 points
6th2Tone: Kvitka – 9 points
7thMoisei: I’m Not Alone – 7 points
8thOY Sound System: Oy, tuzhu – 7 points
9thTember Blanche: YA vdoma – 5 points
10thAngelina: Stronger – 4 points


Jury voting

1st KRUTЬ: Kolyskova – 10 points
2nd TVORCHI: Heart Of Steel – 9 points
3rd Jerry Heil: When God Shut the Door – 8 points
4th DEMCHUK: Alive – 7 points
5th FIINKA: Dovbush – 6 points
6th OY Sound System: Oy, tuzhu – 5 points
7th 2Tone: Kvitka – 4 points
8th Angelina: Stronger – 3 points
9th Tember Blanche: YA vdoma – 2 points
10th Moisei: I’m Not Alone – 1 point

Public voting

1st TVORCHI: Heart Of Steel – 10 points
2nd Jerry Heil: When God Shut the Door – 9 points
3rd KRUTЬ: Kolyskova – 8 points
4thFIINKA: Dovbush – 7 points
5thMoisei: I’m Not Alone – 6 points
6th2Tone: Kvitka – 5 points
7thDEMCHUK: Alive – 4 points
8thTember Blanche: YA vdoma – 3 points
9thOY Sound System: Oy, tuzhu – 2 points
10th Angelina: Stronger – 1 point

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