National Selections Highlights Eurovision Song Contest ESC 2023

Reiley sealed DMGP win and goes to Eurovision 2023 for Denmark

Reiley sealed DMGP win and goes to Eurovision 2023 for Denmark Image credits: DR

Reiley will represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2023 with the song Breaking My Heart – after winning the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

The Danish selection show took place this Saturday, with eight participants. In addition to them, the winners of ESC 2022, Kalush Orchestra, also took the stage, as well as Svea S who performed Dansevise – the song with which Denmark won the ESC 1963.

In the first voting stage, the public alone qualified three superfinalists. They were Micky Skeel, Nicklas Sonne and, of naturally, Reiley. They performed again and were voted by the public and by the jury.

Riley received 28 percento from the jury and 15 percent from the televote (won by Nicklas Sonne) to be the winner and to defend Denmark at ESC 2023 in Liverpool.


(Click on the song titles to listen to it)

  • Superfinalists

1st. Reiley: Breaking My Heart – 43 percent (28 percent jury + 15 percent televote)


2nd. Nicklas Sonne: Freedom – 34 percent (14 percent jury + 20 percent televote)
3rd. Micky Skeel: Glansbillede – 23 percent (8 percent jury + 15 percent televote)

Remaining contestants

Eyjaa: I Was Gonna Marry Him
Frederik Leopold: Stuck On You
Maia Maia: Beautiful Bullshit
Mariyah LeBerg: Human
Søren Torpegaard Lund: Lige her

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