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Longlist of participants in Vidbir 2023 was revealed

Longlist of participants in Vidbir 2023 was revealed Image: UA:PBC

Suspilne Ukraine has announced this Thursday the 36 longlisted candidates for the Vidbir 2023. The Ukraine’s selection for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) will take place on December 17 in Kyiv.

Now, these 36 candidates will go through auditions, before the list of finalists be revealed – which will take place until November 17.

Dmytro Shurov, music producer of Vidbir 2023, said in a press release: “I am personally interested in Ukrainian music not freezing but developing in all directions so that our all possible music niches and styles have their heroes. I believe that, in the current time of war and total uncertainty in the lives of musicians, this selection gains special importance: we are not only choosing those who deserve to represent Ukraine at the contest but also have an opportunity to hear a wide range of Ukrainian music that is being composed here and now, no matter what”.

The officer also commented on the selection of these artists: “I am glad that I managed to motivate, inspire, nudge many musicians to create new songs and interesting ideas during the selection process. It was hard for many of them to start writing again, quite a few musicians are forced migrants or on the edge of changing their profession or even the survival. There musicians who are volunteering, fighting in the war. Nevertheless, we have the longlist of 36 songs, featuring everything – from songs performed by their authors, dream pop, and rock to indie, rap, and folk. There are certainly a few solid modern smash-hits that can rock any stage. All this shows how creative our nation is, how much we want to produce”.


Longlisted artists for Vidbir 2023

  1. 2TONE
  2. Angelina
  4. Drevo
  5. Elysees
  8. Havkа
  9. Jerry Heil
  10. Iana Kovaleva
  11. Kozak Siromaha
  12. KRUTЬ
  13. Lue Bason
  14. Moisei
  15. Olivan
  16. OOHLA
  17. Oy Sound System
  18. SASHA
  19. Seréen
  20. sexnesc
  21. Shy
  23. SOWA
  24. Tember Blanche
  25. Tery
  27. Victoria Niro
  28. Vynohradova
  29. Zetetics
  30. Lilu45
  31. Maks Ptashnyk
  32. Miya Ramari
  33. Royalʹkit
  34. Sasha Fadyeyeva
  35. ТÓНКА
  36. Tsiferblat
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