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Eurovision: Australia Decides 2023 details still in the works

Eurovision: Australia Decides 2023 details still in the works Image credits: SBS

Australia’s selection for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) has been Eurovision: Australia Decides since 2019. However, that could change next year.

The broadcaster SBS didn’t announce the format in its plans for the coming months. This gave rise to speculation about the end of the Australian show, but there is still nothing certain.

Kathryn Fink, director of television, explained the situation, saying to the website TV Tonight: “We’re still working through some details on that. “There are different options, so we are kind of working through it. We love Eurovision so it’s exciting to be back”.

Since it was created in 2019, the Eurovision: Australia Decides only didn’t take place in 2021, when SBS decided to reconfirm the previous year’s winner, Montaigne – following the cancelation of the ESC 2020 due to the pandemic.

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