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Blanca Paloma won the Benidorm Fest and defends Spain in Eurovision 2023

Blanca Paloma won the Benidorm Fest and defends Spain in Eurovision 2023 Image: RTVE

Blanca Paloma won the Benidorm Fest 2023 this Saturday with the song Eaea and will represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC).

The grand final of the event took place at Palau Municipal D’esports l’Illa de Benidorm. Before the competing performances, Manuel Carasco took the stage to open the show. Karmento was the first contestant to perform, in a running order that was completed by Vicco.

Before the results were revealed, Mónica Naranjo and Ana Mena took the stage as special guest performers. The first votes to be known were those of the jury, who preferred Blanca Paloma, as well as the public. Vicco, on the other hand, was the most scored by the demoscopic jury. In the final ranking, Blanca Paloma won with 169 points, 24 more than Agoney.


(Click on the song titles to watch the performances)


1st. Blanca Paloma: Eaea – 169 points


2nd. Agoney: Quiero arder – 145 points
3rd. Vicco: Nochentera – 129 points
4th. Megara: Arcadia – 106 points
5th. Alice Wonder: Yo Quisiera – 89 points
6th. Karmento: Quiero y duelo – 80 points
7th. José Otero: Inviernos en Marte – 75 points
8th. Fusa Nocta: Mi familia – 71 points


Jury voting

1st. Blanca Paloma: Eaea – 94 points
2nd. Agoney: Quiero arder – 80 points
3rd. Vicco: Nochentera – 59 points
4th. Alice Wonder: Yo Quisiera – 53 points
5th. Megara: Arcadia – 50 points
6th. José Otero: Inviernos en Marte – 37 points
7th. Karmento: Quiero y duelo – 35 points
8th. Fusa Nocta: Mi familia – 24 points


Desmoscopic jury voting

1st. Vicco: Nochentera – 40 points
2nd. Blanca Paloma: Eaea – 35 points
3rd. Agoney: Quiero arder – 30 points
4th. Megara: Arcadia – 28 points
5th. Fusa Nocta: Mi familia – 25 points
6th. José Otero: Inviernos en Marte – 22 points
7th. Karmento: Quiero y duelo – 20 points
8th. Alice Wonder: Yo Quisiera – 16 points


Public voting

1st. Blanca Paloma: Eaea – 40 points
2nd. Agoney: Quiero arder – 35 points
3rd. Vicco: Nochentera – 30 points
4th. Megara: Arcadia – 28 points
5th. Karmento: Quiero y duelo – 25 points
6th. Fusa Nocta: Mi familia – 22 points
7th. Alice Wonder: Yo Quisiera – 20 points
8th. José Otero: Inviernos en Marte – 16 points

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